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The Vision-Aid Model


The Vision-Aid Model


The Vision-Aid National Resrouce Center Model offer a comprehensive and holistic range of interventions for persons with visual disabilities, so as to bring the best possible impact. The summary of the model is outlined below. For more details, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 




Program Category (*)

  1. Comprehensive Low Vision Evaluation – Programs includes low-vision assessments, performed by optometrists with training in low vision. As an extension of the low vision evaluation program run in the centers, camps will be conducted in local schools to identify potential visual impairment.

Core Service

  1. Optical and Electronic Devices – A comprehensive range of assistive devices for both individuals with low-vision and those with total vision loss (blindness), including affordable, low-cost, hi-technology alternatives

Core Service

  1. Orientation & Mobility training

Core Service

  1. Computer training - identification of suitable assistive technology and training in basic, intermediate and advanced computer applications

Core + Enhanced Service

  1. Training in Mobile Technologies/ Apps for navigation and mobility

Core + Enhanced Service

  1. Counselling and Referral services – including initial emotional, psychological counselling referral, sharing informing on their rights and benefits and providing a list of resource referrals and career counseling. Includes information on government schemes, Rights of Persons with Disabilities, training programs for sighted teachers and a helpline.

Core Service

  1. Braille Training and Resources including Braille devices

Enhanced Service

  1. Functional Vision/Early Intervention for infants and children with visual processing impairment

Enhanced Service

  1. Independent Living Skills – customized to an individual’s needs. Examples of this would be safe cooking for visually impaired housewives

Enhanced service

  1. Livelihood and Employment Assistance – including job placement assistance, job skills training, advanced training programs including computer programming, spoken English, hackathons, etc.

Enhanced service

  1. Advocacy & Outreach - awareness programs, industry sensitization, policy changes


  1. Teaching/Professional Training - programs to train the trainers


  1. Research & Development – programs to foster innovation in both devices and services, paper publications, conferences, etc.


  1. Health & Recreation – programs to encourage the visually impaired to enjoy a good quality of living through all round development, including health, fitness and recreation activities.







































(*) Intervention Category

  • Core intervention services: will be applied to a broad range of individuals coming to a resource center. These are short duration interventions (typically one-week or less)
  • Enhanced intervention services: will be applied to a subset of qualified individuals. These are long duration programs requiring multiple weeks of training and activity.  Some of these interventions will require residential stay of   3 months or more.
  • Core + Enhanced intervention services: Will be a graded set of services. Basic levels will be applied to a broad target group and enhanced will be applied to a selected subset.




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