MCFVH, Berhampur, Odhisha

Vision Aid has been supporting Milton Charitable Foundation for the Visually Handicapped (MCFVH) in Berhampur, Odisha starting July 2015. The grant helps them acquire equipment, train their teachers and allocate some dedicated time from their staff to focus on making Vision-Aid program successful. 
It has been a busy first quarter for Milton Foundation! They have successfully trained Ms. Bijayalaxmi Rath and Pravati Behera at the Vision Aid Vizag center and with technical help from Vizag team they have set up a virtual online academy student stations in their computer lab.
They are happy to announce that they have identified four visually impaired students and one sighted teacher to train for the upcoming quarter and they look forward to conducting online training for visually impaired with the help of Vision Aid Vizag team.